Facilities Asset Management

What We Do


CCSD’s Facilities Asset Management Department is responsible for managing the preservation and life-cycle planning of CCSD’s assets at all school sites and administrative buildings.


Similar to buying a car, any driver knows the cost of owning a vehicle goes beyond the initial investment and monthly payments. There are routine maintenance expenses such as oil changes, tire rotations, battery repairs, etc.


When CCSD builds and opens a new school, it assumes the total cost of ownership of that facility and the additional costs incurred over the life of that asset.


The asset management team gathers important key factors, such as age and performance, of all the systems that make up CCSD’s inventory of assets. This collection of data allows CCSD to develop a long-range plan for ongoing and preventive maintenance, and allows the District to make cost-effective decisions based on prioritized needs. Asset Management staff is also responsible for establishing performance measures and monitoring the condition of all assets regularly.