What We Do

The Operations department provides additional support and services to all schools and administrative buildings in the areas of custodial, pest control and additional floor care services.

The Custodial Operations department provides custodial services and support to all CCSD schools and administrative buildings. CCSD’s custodial teams are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services in a timely manner. Custodial services include cleaning and stocking of all restrooms, as well as nightly cleaning. Other services provided include setting up and tearing down for special events, receiving/distributing supplies, and assisting with removal of graffiti or other vandalism.  

Every year each school is allocated funds for custodial services within their strategic budgets. According to CCSD Regulation 4211, schools are responsible for selecting, supervising and processing payroll for all the custodians at their school sites. Custodial services at all administrative buildings are managed by Central Services through the Custodial Operations department.


Pest Control and Floor Care

The Pest Control department provides pest management to all CCSD schools and administrative buildings. The pest control team works to ensure all learning and working environments are always free of pests, to protect the health and safety of all students and employees.  

The Floor Care department provides additional flooring services to all CCSD schools and administrative building. Services provided include carpet cleaning and other forms of floor maintenance.