Site-Funded Projects

When a maintenance or repair project exceeds the scope of work and budget that can be afforded by the District, the project is considered a site-funded project. This is also applicable to school garden projects. 

CCSD schools can obtain funding to complete site-funded projects through outside donors or organizations, and/or through in-kind donations from a general contractor or subcontractor. Site-funded projects are considered modifications to the school building and require reviews from multiple departments to ensure the proper city and county codes are met, and compliance with the Nevada Revised Statutes. In addition, while donations from outside “partners” are appreciated, it is important to note that all building code compliance must be met and compliance with zoning ordinances and/or Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) must be observed.


School principals looking to complete a site-funded project must fill-out the Project Application Form CCF-414. The CCF-414 outlines the steps necessary to assure full compliance for a site-funded project. Principals must complete each of the questions in detail, attach all supporting documents, and submit the application to their school associate superintendent. Final approval for the project will be granted by the Cabinet Committee.