Contractor Pre-qualifications

CCSD’s Construction Management Department strives to do business with the most qualified contractors and subcontractors in the industry. Our process of pre-qualification ensures that all interested contractors and subcontractors have the appropriate licenses, permits, insurance and bonding requirements, and experience to help the District build the highest quality educational facilities in support of student achievement.


Contractors interested in doing business with CCSD are invited to apply for prequalification on an ongoing basis, however contractors must be deemed prequalified prior to any mandatory pre-bid conference. The Contractor Qualification Panel, consisting of three individuals plus alternates, appointed by the Associate Superintendent of Facilities, will review every application submitted. Contractors will be notified of the panel’s determination in writing. Prequalification status is good for up to two years.


Contractor Pre-qualification Helpful Websites
Minimum Requirements and Criteria
Pre-qualification Application

Reconsideration, Appeal Rights, and Responsibilities


In accordance with Clark County School District Regulation 7210, any contractor that disagrees with the Contractor Prequalification Panel’s determination of the prequalification amount or category of work, may request the Panel’s reconsideration based upon the contractor’s written objection and rationale, accompanied by supporting documentation.


Requests for reconsideration shall be sent to Clark County School District, Capital Program Office, Attention: Contractor Prequalification Panel, 1180 Military Tribute Place, Henderson, NV 89074. If the contractor’s request for reconsideration is denied following the Panel’s review of the supplemental documentation, the contractor has the right to appeal the determination before the Board of School Trustees.


In accordance with NRS 338.1381 and Clark County School District Regulation 7210, any contractor that receives notification that their request for reconsideration has been denied or that their application for prequalification has been denied, may submit a written request for a hearing before the Board of School Trustees in the form of a special meeting. The contractor must make a written request to appeal the determination within ten (10) days after receipt of the notice of disqualification. This written request shall be sent to: Clark County School District, Board of School Trustees, 5100 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89146, Attention: Board Office, to schedule a board hearing at a special meeting.


The hearing shall be held not later than 20 days after the receipt of a request for a hearing. At least 10 days before the date set for the hearing, the contractor will be notified in writing, of the date and time the appeal will be heard. The decision of the Board of School Trustees is a final decision for purposes of judicial review. Contractors must be deemed prequalified prior to the time of any mandatory pre-bid conference.