What is the Facilities Services Unit responsible for?

The Facilities Services Unit is responsible for building, modernizing, repairing, and maintaining the District’s schools sites and administrative facilities that support student achievement and employee productivity. The Division encompasses various departments that provide direct services to schools including, Maintenance, Landscaping, Construction Management and Zoning among others. For a complete list of departments within the Facilities Services Unit visit the Mission section.

Where is the Facilities Services Unit located?

The Facilities Services Unit is located in the Facilities Service Center at 1180 Military Tribute Place, Henderson, NV 89074.

How do I contact the Facilities Services Unit?

You can contact the Facilities Services Unit by calling 702-799-0591. To reach a specific department please visit the Contact Us section.

How do I report a maintenance problem or concern at my school or administrative site?

If you are experiencing a problem at your school or administrative site, please submit a work order through FAMIS (Facilities Asset Management Information System). Please note you must have a username and password in order to submit a maintenance request through the system. Only certain individuals at every school site and administrative building have access to submit maintenance requests.

Can schools choose to make their own repairs or improvements?

When a maintenance or repair project exceeds the scope of work and budget that can be afforded by the District, the project is eligible to be considered a site-funded project. Site-funded projects are considered modifications to the school building and require reviews from multiple departments to ensure the proper city and county codes are met, and compliance with the Nevada Revised Statutes. For more information about the process please refer to Site Funded Projects the section of this website.

A tree at my school looks like it may fall, what should I do?

If you are experiencing a concern with your landscaping and grounds at a school site or administrative building, please contact your Landscaping and Grounds Zone Supervisor. To learn which Landscaping and Grounds Zone your school or administrative building belongs to and for contact information for your Zone Supervisor, please click here. All Landscaping and Grounds requests at any location must be submitted online through FAMIS.

CCSD is building a school in my neighborhood. How can I submit a question or concern?

If you live near a CCSD school under construction and have a concern or question for our team, please contact the Construction Management Department at 702-799-8710.

How do I know when a school under construction will be completed?  

For a list of CCSD schools under construction and estimated completion dates, please visit the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) website, at cip.ccsd.net

How much does it cost to build a new CCSD school?

The cost to build a new CCSD school varies depending on the size of the school and the scope of construction. For a list of schools under construction, including estimated construction budgets, please visit the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) website, at cip.ccsd.net

What do I do if my school or administrative building is experiencing issues with the Air Conditioning or Heating system?

If you are experiencing concerns with the air conditioning and/or heating systems at your school or administrative building, you must submit a work order through FAMIS. In addition, you can contact the Operations Manager (OM) for your school or administrative building, to get additional information about solving the issue. Each school and administrative building has an OM who serves as the primary contact for that facility in the event of a maintenance request or emergency.

Can I submit a request to add and/or remove a portable classroom for my school?

Each Spring, school principals who are looking to add or remove portable classrooms at their school are notified of the process via the Weekly Wire. Requests identifying the number of portable classrooms to be added or removed must be emailed to Tracy Murphy at murphtg@nv.ccsd.net in the Demographics, Zoning and GIS Department, with a copy provided to their School Associate Superintendent. Elementary School principals are asked to include an updated building floor plan that identifies grades/programs assigned to each classroom as well as any grades/programs that may not have a room assigned due to lack of space. All portable classroom requests are reviewed in late-Spring with the assistance of the Academic Unit. Principals will be notified of the status of their request by the end of the school year.

How do I know what school my child is zoned to attend?

Go to dzg.ccsd.net and click on the Zoning Tab. Enter your address in the boxes as shown and click Search. This search will show the Elementary School, Middle School, and High School your child is zoned to attend.

How do I request a zone variance for my child to attend a school other than the school they are zoned to attend?

You can request a zone variance from the school you would like your child to attend. You must go to the school you would like your student to attend and complete a variance request form. The request must be approved by the principal of that school and the principal of the school they are zoned to attend.