Real Property Management

What We Do


The CCSD Real Property Management (RPM) department manages the District’s real estate asset portfolio including existing school sites, administrative buildings, vacant sites and land parcels. RPM manages, acquires, plans, and secures the District’s real property in compliance with District, state, and federal regulations, ensuring the effective and efficient stewardship of the District’s assets.

The RPM department is also responsible for the following:


  • The acquisition of properties by purchase or lease and the disposition of real property and the relocation of District assets.
  • Obtaining and coordinating with local government jurisdictions the issuance of entitlements and/or easements to occupy district owned property.
  • Expediting interdepartmental and intra-agency contracts, agreements, memorandums of understanding.
  • Providing District leaders and the Board of School Trustees, professional expertise to administer its real estate and space needs requirements.