Our Team


Brandon McLaughlin, Assistant Superintendent, Construction and Development Division

Vacant, Coordinator, Construction and Development Division

Valerie Austin, Facilities Operations Analyst, Construction and Development Division

Richard Baldwin, Director, Comprehensive Planning

Joshua Chesnik, Interim Director, Construction Management

Chris Dingell, Director, Real Property Management

Larry Klein, Director, Building Department

Tracy Murphy, Director, Demographics, Zoning, and GIS

Tom Nizetich, Assistant Superintendent, Facilities

Rob Hutchinson, Director, Facilities Management

Jeff Levering, Director, Security Systems

Jessica Kreiter, Coordinator, Facilities Asset Management

Myles Judd, Interim Director, Safety and Training

Taylor Lewis, Interim Director, Business Process and Change Management

Doug Diaz, Director, Facilities Optimization

Lori Olson-Arzaga, Director, Environmental Services