Architects and Engineers

CCSD’s Contracts, Procurement and Compliance (CPC) Department manages the screening and selection process for the architects and engineers that do business with CCSD. CPC issues Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for various types of services periodically. RFQs may be announced in a number of local publications and also on this website. The selection of architecture and engineering firms must be approved by the CCSD Board of School Trustees and in compliance with CCSD Regulation 7211.


All architects and engineers must:


  1. Be registered or licensed in the State of Nevada.
  2. Have a minimum of five years experience as a principal employee of an architectural/engineering firm.
  3. Have an active office in Nevada with staff and facilities adequate for large projects.
  4. Be willing to work with educational consultants of the District’s choice.
  5. Provide evidence of knowledge and experience in school design and construction.


Interested firms must re-apply each time a RFQ is issued as pre-qualification status is only valid for a limited length of time.


Approved Architecture Firms
Approved Engineering Firms