The CCSD Facilities Services Unit is responsible for managing the maintenance of schools, master planning and asset management, and overseeing the District’s construction efforts under the capital improvement program.

The mission of the Facilities Services Unit is to build, modernize, repair and maintain schools and administrative facilities that support student achievement and employee productivity. We strive to create a collaborative work environment that encourages all of our colleagues to provide conscientious stewardship of our financial resources and physical assets, and to deliver services recognized by our customers as excellent.

Currently the District’s total area of buildings is more than 37 million square feet, comprised of:

School Buildings = 33,959,783 million gross square feet
Portable Buildings =  1,821,539 million gross square feet
Administrative buildings = 1,554,547 million gross square feet
Total area = 37,335,869 million gross square feet

368 schools
22 administrative buildings
2,168 portable classrooms
326,166 students enrolled (School Year 2018-2019)