Prior to the start of construction, the contractor shall make a request to the CCSD Building Department for an Inspection Permit for the project for which the contractor has been awarded. Please allow approximately 24 hours for permits to be issued.


All contractors looking to request a permit must call the CCSD Building Department at (702) 799-7605 or fax to (702) 799-0772. Please provide the following information to complete the permit:


  • Project – A brief¬†description of work to be performed.
  • Facility – Name of Facility where work will be performed.
  • Contractor – Name of construction firm performing work.
  • MPID# as assigned – A copy of the award letter is also sufficient.
  • Start Date/Finish Date – This date is acquired from Contractors’ Notice to Proceed. Approximate finish date is sufficient.
  • A contact name, number, or email address.


A representative from the CCSD Building Department will call you when the permit is ready for pick up.