Site-Funded Projects

Site Funded Project Request Process.

The School Administration notifies the Operations Manager and submits a work order in FAMIS indicating “site funded project” in the allocated drop-down fields. A detailed description of the scope-of-work should be provided and a contact person should be indicated on the work order. The Operations Manager can assist. After the FAMIS work order submission, the Operations Manager shall
vet the project to determine if it is truly site funded or beyond economic repair (BER), general repair, or replacement before assigning it to Construction Management.


FAMIS will notify Construction Management of the Work Order. Link to FAMIS:


Construction Management will reach out via email to the indicated contact on the work order to initiate the process of the investigation.


The investigation requires a $250 fee for each work order that is submitted, which requires the school administration to provide a signed CCF 358 (expense adjustment form), which should be attached to the work order.


The $250 fee is non-refundable and covers the time required to review and scope the project for CCSD Construction Management and Building Department.


Grant Funded Projects 

A:  If the project is grant-funded, the school will be responsible to pay for the investigation fee out of their own funding. If the project is donated, the school will pay for the investigation fee and can negotiate with the donor for reimbursement.


B:  The site will be charged for project management, drafting, inspection fees, etc. on top of the charge from the contractor. If the project is grant-funded, the grant will not pay for these charges, and the school will be responsible for the cost. If the project is donated, the school will be charged and can negotiate to get reimbursed by the donor.


Construction Management will send out a reminder after 10 days of sending the request for the investigation fee and set a date to have the form submitted. If the date passes and no response has been received from the school, the FAMIS work order will be canceled.


Within fourteen days of receipt of the CCF 358 form, Construction Management will start the investigation.


Once the scope has been determined, the school administration will be required to review and sign the scope verification form, provided by Construction Management.


Construction Management will then obtain the necessary cost proposal(s) from a licensed contractor, in-house staff, etc. Most work orders will have to be contracted due to CCSD Maintenance staff not having the time to perform work outside their daily maintenance responsibilities. Included in your cost proposal will be the time required by Construction Management, the Building Department, and any other related departments. These costs are to properly manage the project, process the paperwork, and inspect the work to ensure that everything complies with building code and NRS.


The cost estimate will be reviewed with the school administration and a Project Authorization Form (PAF) will need to be reviewed and signed to approve the cost.


Once the administration approves the estimate, Construction Management will route the CCF-414 form for the required approval signatures. When Construction Management receives the signed CCF-414, the PAF will be executed and the provided cost account will be billed.


• If the project is over $25K, the bidding process will be initiated. Please note the bidding process combined with necessary board approval could take up to 3 months.


• If the project is below the $25K threshold a purchase order (SF) will be issued to initiate the work.


Once the contractor has completed work, the administration is expected to review and sign a project completion form. The School Administration is responsible for providing contractors access to the work area.


Final costs will be gathered, and the appropriate adjustments will be made to the school’s budget.